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Winter Training on Forge Pond

Fall 2022 Regatta Recap

WCR completed another hugely successful regatta season this fall. We saw more hardware than ever before in club history, but even more amazing was the number of athletes that raced for the first time.* I hope you loved it as much as I do! The season started out strong at the Paper City Regatta, where the men’s double brought home some hard earned pie. Next up was the Textile River Regatta, where we battled absolutely insane weather, but still brought home two silver medals, one in the mixed quad and the other in the women’s 4+. The New England Championship Regatta and the Head of the Fish told the same tale: we’d be really good if we lied about our ages. Both races saw the women’s 4+ cruise across the line in the top two spots, but adjusted times placed them further down in the final results. Despite adjustments, they claimed the silver medal at NECs and finished in the top third (of 20!) at the Fish. At NECs the mixed quad saw some tough competition, but still managed to bring home the gold. Okay, fine, they were the only entry, but a medal is a medal. The main event of the season was of course the Head of the Charles Regatta. So much of the club came out to support our women’s masters 4+, who had a truly fantastic showing at the largest three-day regatta in the world. 

The athletes put in the hours before the race, and boy, did it pay off. 


*I made up that statistic, I have no idea what the club record is

New England Junior & Master Championship Regatta Bling

Westford Community Rowing has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Westford Awards in the category of Rowing Club.

Summer 2022 Regatta Season Recap


Regattas attended: 3

Regattas canceled on us at the last minute: 2 (Festival and Mayor's Cup)

WCR participants: 14

Entries: 14

Boats cartopped: 1 (look here for a laugh) 

Most popular event: W4+

Hardware: so many pineapples in all different forms


No traditional hardware was brought home, but the club had several fantastic finishes. Our strongest race was easily Quinsig, where we had several boats cross the line in first or second place (W1x, W4+, MX4x). Adjusted times pushed those official places down a bit, but we don't need to mention that detail. All five entries had an amazing day. The conditions of Sweeps and Sculls led to less encouraging results, but any day you get to race is still a great day. The Pineapple had the greatest attendance, and the club took home their fair share of fresh pineapples, dried pineapple, and only one canned pineapple. While it was much less formal than either of the other regattas attended, it may have been my favorite. Speaking personally, this has been the most enjoyable regatta season I have had at WCR. 


Kendra C

Fran S offers this group picture captioned "What is Jon thinking? What did Fran say?"